Masturbators for men

Choose the one that's right for you among the male masturbators.

The realistic male masturbators reproduce the female anatomical shapes even on the outside, for example the Stamina Training Vagina has the shape of a vagina. If, on the other hand, you want to experience the thrill that intercourse with a porn star can give you, you can try Tera Patrick Tease Vagina, the masturbator that replicates the anatomical shapes of the famous celebrity.

In addition to the masturbator for men that reproduces the sensation of vaginal penetration, you will find those that simulate anal penetration, more adherent, such as the Pink Lady Original Butt, and those that simulate sucktion, such as the Autoblow Reusable Sleeve, often equipped with a valve to adjust the suction

In addition to the realistic masturbators there are also more discreet masturbators such as the Tenga Egg, with its characteristic egg shape, or the Tenga Soft Tube, similar to a bubble bath, can be easily masked for other objects.

Finally, a series of innovative masturbators for a pleasure never experienced before, the Autoblow 2 male vibrator, combines innovative materials and designs with the power of electricity: realistic and natural movements will make you enjoy even more than with real intercourse!

The male masturbator as a trainer against premature ejaculation

Masturbation can combat premature ejaculation, functioning as a sexual "training". Using a male masturbator will help you enhance the duration of your intercourse and increase your pleasure and that of your partner without resorting to drugs or chemical retardants.

The benefits of masturbation

Masturbation is a sexual practice as old as man. Suffice it to say that many animal species, in addition to the human one, resort to this practice of self-pleasure, to understand how much it is rooted in many living beings.

Fortunately, masturbation does not only cause sexual pleasure, in fact we can include these benefits:

  • Release of endorphins. Endorphins are the neurotransmitters that cause the feeling of pleasure and happiness. They can improve mood immediately, helping to combat unpleasant feelings but also diseases such as depression
  • Release of oxytocin, a powerful natural pain reliever. This helps reduce headaches and muscle aches
  • Relief of stress and tension
  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Maintenance of sperm health
  • Furthermore, masturbation helps prevent prostate cancer

In fact, many chemicals that cause cancer can accumulate in the prostate if there is no regular ejaculation over time.

Materials and safety of masturbators

All masturbators and products for sale on are subjected to scrupulous checks on the quality and safety of the materials with which they are made.

The safest materials are undoubtedly silicone, steel, borosilicate glass, pyrex which do not retain bacterial load and do not contribute to transmitting it to other private parts.

Each sex toy, masturbator or male vibrator is really made with 100% safe materials and therefore they are certified objects and without risks to health, in compliance with European regulations.

To be even safer than your male masturbators, remember to always sanitize them after use, preferably with gel disinfectants. You can also use a condom while using them.

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