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Intimate Oils, lubes and gels help improve sex life by promoting penetration during anal or vaginal intercourse.

Why Use an Intimate Gel Lubricant?

Intimate Gels Enhance Natural Lubrication During Sexual Intercourse

Thanks to the use of a vaginal lubricant or an intimate anal gel, it is possible to reduce the friction and irritation caused by rubbing the skin. Especially when natural lubrication is not sufficient, some lubricating gels are suitable for multiple uses; for example for erotic massages, to stimulate the sensuality of the couple, to improve female lubrication.

It seems that a single application of water-based or silicone-based lubricants changes a woman's sexual life: the lubricant is a friend of orgasm!

Recent studies have confirmed that at least 87% of women are able to reach orgasm only if stimulated by an intimate gel that increases natural lubrication.

The causes of poor female lubrication often depend on infections, hormonal changes, pre-cycle phases and menopause but also on stress and disease. Improving the intimacy of the woman increases the understanding of the couple under the sheets.

It is right that you know, however, that a lubricant not only improves female orgasm but also men can benefit from it; for example during self-eroticism or with the use of sex toys.

Which intimate lubricant to choose

First of all it is important to choose the Intimate Lubricants compatible with Condoms: that is water-based or silicone-based ones.

Intimate lubricants should be chosen according to your needs and requirements.

Need a Vaginal Intimate Gel? In this case you can directly opt for a water-based, neutral or moisturizing gel / lubricant: these lubricants are useful in case of vaginal dryness, in the event that normal and spontaneous intimate lubrication is not sufficient to eliminate friction during sex.

Need an intimate Anal Sex Gel ? Then it is recommended to use a silicone-based lubricant, they last longer without having to reapply the product several times and thanks to their soft and silky texture, they minimize friction making penetration easier and eliminating pain. They also minimize the risk of inflammation and irritation.

Do not believe that an intimate gel can do real magic during your sexual performance (that will be up to you and your lover's complicity) but I can assure you that there will be no lack of opportunity to enjoy more intense sexual moments.

Brands and other types of intimate lubricants

Let's see the sub-types of intimate gels available on the market and on MySexyShop.eu

Flavored: special gels with the scent of strawberry, chocolate, cherry, exotic fruits and much more, perfect for covering unpleasant odors such as those of the latex of condoms, and to create sensual and tantalizing atmospheres;

Warm effect or cold effect: warm effect give sensations of freshness and shivers of pleasure, also used to slightly delay ejaculation and make sexual intercourse last longer. Warm effect, they give internal hot flashes to increase sexual pleasure;

Stimulants for her: they are gels that are used to increase female sexual pleasure, they are applied on the genitals externally, or on the clitoris, small and large labia. They give pinches of pleasure to promote female orgasm: they are not lubricants and should not be used internally;

Delaying gels: delaying male orgasm in case of premature ejaculation, they can be based on anesthetic such as benzocaine or natural;

Massage Lubricants: they can only be for massage or can only be applied to the body for unforgettable erotic games and foreplay; or they can be 2in1 or both intimate and for sensual massages.

Among the most popular brands are:

Durex Lubricants: silicone-based, water-based, flavored and neutral or 2in1 intimate and massage;

Pjur: for all tastes and needs; moisturizers, neutrals, anal sex, vaginal sex, retardants and many other types in convenient 5 ml sachets;

Control Lubricants: available flavored (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla) with moisturizing and massage aloe.

How to use an intimate lubricant gel to double the pleasure alone or as a couple?

Before buying a gel the first rule to be respected concerns the choice of a lubricant with a base compatible with the latex of the condom or with sex toys. Yes, lubricants can also be used with erotic games for couples or for self-eroticism!

With an intimate lubricating gel during erotic games you have twice as much fun! Here because:

"The main function of an intimate lubricating oil is to reduce friction during sexual intercourse. The latter, in fact, could cause irritation to the male and female erogenous parts, transforming pleasure into intimate annoyance ".

Where do you put a lubricant?

Before intercourse, put one or two drops on the tip of the glans and then massage along the entire surface of the shaft. Alternatively, apply a small dose to your partner's erogenous zones, arousing her with intense erotic massages.

If you and your partner love to have fun with the use of sex toys, it is advisable to apply a small dose of intimate lubricating oil on the surface of the erotic toy, in order to make it more slippery and easier to use.

Where to buy a lubricant?

Usually the sale of lubricants and intimate gels is reserved for specialized shops and E-Commerce. You can also find sexual lubricants in pharmacies but you will immediately realize that the price is much higher than the cost you find in our Online Store: MySexyShop.eu

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