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    Durex pleasure prolonged delayed 12 pcs


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    Durex pleasure extended are condoms with lubricant Performa for a longer lasting pleasure. Durex pleasure prolonged prolongs your relationships thanks to its retardant effect, increasing the time of enjoyment.

    Durex pleasure extended features:

    • Preservative of natural rubber latex, smooth
    • Contains lubricant Performa with 5% benzocaine which delays ejaculation it
    • Transparent, lubricated
    • Anatomically shaped Easy-On, with deposit
    • Transparent condoms
    • Nominal width: 56mm

    Special shape that is manufactured to Durex pleasure long ago that they smell better for that there are no uncomfortable distractions, so you can relax and enjoy.

    The lubricant from Durex pleasure prolonged can cause rashes, irritation, burning, or itching.

    Avoid contact with eyes. Cleanse after use. If you feel irritation, it discontinues its use and if you do not experience improvement, consult a doctor.

    Do not use these condoms if you or your partner have inflamed or cracked skin. If you or your partner experience shortness of breath or you get blue lips while you use these condoms, cease use immediately and call your doctor.

    Premature ejaculation is a common problem, which may be due to causes that require medical attention. If these condoms do not help you, consult your doctor.

    • Box 12 units
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